Better Appearance & Confidence Booster

You look better when you have a slim and perfect body. You get more visibility in your workspace which leads to happiness. By doing regular fitness training, you keep your weight in check and can fit in your regular clothes. Looking better increases your confidence in yourself and you lead a better life.

Less Health Issues

By doing regular exercises and eating right, you are helping your body to perform its natural functions easily which ultimately leads to less health problems. Even if you get one, you can tackle it more easily thereafter.

Feel Energetic

By doing right training and complementing it with right eating, you feel full of energy the entire day which improves your relationships with people at work and home.

Slows Ageing

Naturally, as we age, loss of muscle mass, strength, and muscle function occurs which can be dealt by doing moderate exercise and eating right food which, ultimately, can help you to look younger which boosts your morale and self-esteem.

Focus Shift

People now are getting aware of working out regularly and eating right and shifting their focus more towards fitness training. Doing moderate exercise helps the brain to work better.

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Bfit Studio

Sachin Dhingra

Parmod Bhandari

I am a certified fitness trainer. I hold 15 years of experience in this field. I have worked in several gyms. My first gym was 'Fitness World' where I worked for 3 years. Then, the second gym was 'Platinum' where I have 4 years of experience and currently, I am working at 'Exotica Health Club'.


Was looking to build muscle which I successfully built using the help of Pankaj sir. He trained me greatly for the fitness competition which helped me gain some recognition.