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Welcome to WeighingLab.com – You are not alone anymore! Now you can instantly connect with like-minded and motivated people who can help you live a more active and happier life.

Hi! I am Prince Jindal, a computer engineer and a content creator from Panchkula and I am excited to introduce this site as an inspiring home for the fitness community.

As someone with a gaming obsession in college, I turned to blogging right after graduating and built my first successful venture based on it called HealthyCeleb.com. Being someone who was constantly glued to the computer for both fun and work, I never imagined myself as someone who would ever visit a gym. But, while covering celebrities for my blog – particularly reading about their radical physical transformations and extreme diet plans I became curious enough to explore this fitness driven lifestyle. I enrolled as a member at a nearby gym right after finishing college. And…………, I hated it! I barely went there for a weekand was happy to never return again.

Ironically, a year later I was still making a living off creating content about health and fitness. Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I rejoined the same gym. But, this time I found myself a friendly and helpful trainer. Not only did he convert me into the kind of person who regularly goes to the gym, he actually converted me into the kind of person who likes to hit the gym and trains by himself.

Give it 15 minutes

that was his advice that I follow till date. If you don’t feel like working out or don’t feel like hitting the gym, come anyway and try working out for 15 minutes. This mindset hack has helped me accomplish more hours of stress-busting workouts than I can count.

During one of my routine visits to the gym, I met Srishti. As I got to know her better, I found out she is a hard-working professional who loves good food yet somehow still manages to keep up with her fitness. I could not have asked for a better partner when she became my wife in February 2019. Right after we got married, she proposed the idea behind WeighingLab.com. In the past, I had made several unsuccessful attempts at creating an online coaching platform, but thanks to my wife’s programming skills and her vision as a qualified nutritionist, we were able to conceive WeighingLab.com with a clearer sense of purpose.

Nevertheless, the journey to manifest this goal was long and difficult. It took me more than a year to build a business model from the ground up that I was confident will provide valuable service to my community.

Looking back at my life, I feel amazed to realize how a simple decision to join the gym literally changed my life. It made it better in more ways than I could imagine. Although I cannot assure that everybody who decides to work out regularly will turn out to be as lucky as I was but, I can confirm the commitment will bring you your share of benefits.

Be aware that eating healthy and training regularly is no treat! It never feels easier, no matter how fit you get.

While my wife and I often reinforce each other’s motivation to do what we can do to stay committed to healthy living, motivation often tends to run out – especially, when faced with growing personal obligations and professional responsibilities.

A qualified coach who can hold you to a higher standard of living and create a game plan to execute it successfully is more valuable than you think. All my former trainers have helped me navigate through excess health and fitness information online to create lasting habits and routines that suit my personality and lifestyle.

As someone who was converted into a workout lover, I think everybody needs and deserves this kind of support.

Hence, I created WeighingLab.com – an absolutely free platform to look for a diet or training coach. This website intends to promote qualified and passionate coaches who have the knowledge to boost your fitness level. No matter where you lie on the spectrum of physical fitness –absolute beginner, intermediate or an advanced trainee, 100% of the fee you pay your coach will be directed to them so that they can put all their attention in your well-being.

If you are feeling low or stuck, and do not know where to start – Sign up at WeighingLab.com. It’s absolutely free!

Hire a trainer or a coach to help you out with your diet or exercise whenever you are ready.

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