5 Reasons Why You Need a Coach and in What 4 Ways it can benefit You for Life

The struggle to eat healthier and move more is one shared by more than thousands of people all over the world. A major cause is negative thought patterns that keep us going around in circles, frustrating us with a lack of progress. You are more likely to get a personal breakthrough by hiring a coach if:

1. You are stuck in self-sabotaging habits

Whether it is your love for a specific food or drinks keeping you unfit or the unknowing stress triggered by a habitual activity, there is always a way to recover from even your worst fixation. A coach will help get past it.

2. Hesitant of beginning a new exercise program

Often ignorance holds us back from trying something new. Many people do not fit in a typical gym environment. Hence, they do not consider themselves as the kind of person who works out. Exercise is for everybody – the requirements, intensity, volume, and location might be different and need not be limited to a gym or a fitness class.  Get the help of an expert to experience the benefits you are missing out.

3. Paralyzed in inaction by excess wellness information on the Internet

The Internet offers plenty of free information to find out everything you need to know to master a skill. But, this will come at the cost of a lot of time and plenty of experiments before you get something right. The big puzzle for a typical trainee is where to get started and which are the most important principles they need to embrace and accommodate in their life to get fit.

An experienced fitness professional will get you on the path of personal progress within a short and realistic time frame.

4. Struggling to stay consistent with self-improvement

You try something new only to lose your enthusiasm for it in a few days. If this is a regular pattern for you then you are lacking a long term strategy that holds you back.

Improvement in physical fitness like any other skill has a series of levels. Every time you stay consistent with eating healthy and regular exercise for a few weeks you upgrade your mind and body to handle just a little bit more.  However, applying the principles of progressive overload (training harder than last time) is an art best learned from a trained professional before you try it out on your own.

A long term strategy will not only keep you motivated long after your enthusiasm for a physical transformation has faded, along with that, it will also make your fitness journey more enjoyable.

5. You find yourself lacking enjoyment in dull workouts and uninspired food consumption

Many people have a favorite exercise activity or a set of diet rules they tend to follow EVERY time after a break to clean up their lifestyle. This approach has limited options.  It offers inadequate benefits at best. Most good exercise plans include the same fundamental movements, but the modern-day lifestyle of working on a computer and slouching over a smartphone interferes with the ability of even the best of us to move with a full range of motion.

A person who has prescribed diets to many clients and trained several people in person is more likely to identify your physical limitations easily and help you get rid of them for long term durability of your body.

Change of the Fitness Industry in 2020

The global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic triggered a rapid transformation of delivery, availability, and demand for fitness services.

An unprecedented global shut-down of gyms closed several businesses permanently. Although some gyms opened to limited access, that was not enough. People wanted to work out more than ever, including those who had never considered exercise before. Everybody took to some form of physical activity because they became conscious of improving their immunity and mental health. 2020 also prompted the popularity of Home Gyms. Sales increased for portable and free-weight equipment as well as for power racks and bicycles.

In the post-pandemic scenario, fitness professionals will see a greater variety of training options.

Now, as a trainee, if you have never considered hiring a trainer, the following are just a few ways how the assistance of a personal trainer / Coach can prevent you from making misinformed decisions.

1. Self-education

Use your trainer’s experience and expertise to educate yourself about fundamental diet and training principles that you can apply to your routine. Ask as many questions as you want to figure out actionable steps you can take on a daily basis to improve your personal routine.

2. Reduce excessive reliability on gyms

The Gym-environment is extremely motivating to get an intense workout. So many people define it as their happy place. But, it is also the place where many people are tempted to workout until burning out.

With the help of a trainer, learn creative ways to include short boosts of activity at home or outdoors at least some of the time. They will refresh your mind and revive your body. These are just the kind of workouts everybody needs to improve their emotional well-being and immunity.

3. Improve movement skills

If you always followed a predictable set of exercises in your fitness sessions at the gym, use your time off to focus on other important but less glamorous aspects of training. Joint stability, balance training, and over-all mobility are some important aspects to ensure pain-free movement and physical longevity well into your senior citizen years.

While YouTube and Instagram, provide countless ways to train with variety, only a trainer at your disposal can point out the correct form and technique of any new movement you might want to try. At the same time, randomly throwing together a set of exercises you saw online will not ensure you are training your entire body evenly.

A trainer will also, help you uncover and correct any hidden muscular weakness or imbalances you might have developed due to a sedentary lifestyle or subconscious daily repetitive motions.

4. Define your own code

Discipline looks different for everybody because everybody has a different starting point whenever they decide to change their everyday habits.

Change in daily physical activity and food intake is very difficult to introduce and even more difficult to maintain for most people. With the emotional support of a well-informed coach, you will sail through the most painful part of making an adjustment. That support will also open your mind to greater self-awareness. This newfound insight will help you define your personal set of rules to create a balance between exercising for enjoyment and improvement as well as eating for pleasure and nourishment.

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