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We want to encourage a fitness movement that ensures support for people of all age groups and any level of health. By bringing together qualified fitness professionals in one place, Weighing Lab wants to create easy access to outstanding coaching services to all those in need of it.
Weighing Lab aims to raise the bar of the fitness industry in India by building a positive and supportive tribe of mentally strong and physically healthy people. Along with promoting competent fitness professionals, the company believes in endorsing any helpful content, product or service that will encourage people to lead a more fulfilling life.

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Weighing Lab Mission

We want to get more members of society to become physically fit and mentally productive by offering them the support of coaches with varying levels of expertise.

At the same time, Weighing Lab will provide a means for sustainable income for passionate personal trainers, instructors, nutritionists, and dieticians by promoting competent and qualified fitness professionals. Hence, we will be assisting coaches in delivering superior service to their clients by reducing their stress for marketing and self-promotion.

Prince Jindal, Co-founder WeighingLab.com

Prince has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UIET, Panjab University and is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM, SQL, WordPress, and C++. A former gaming addict, he is passionate about following the current trends in the health and fitness industry. His long-term professional goal is to promote fitness professionals, products, and services that encourage commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset among the general population.

Srishti Gupta, Co-founder WeighingLab.com

Srishti acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Chitkara University in 2016. She works as a software engineer proficient in Javascript, Java, PHP, and Python. Also an active food and fitness blogger, she got certified as a nutrition and fitness consultant by INFS, Pune in 2019. Follow her Instagram handle @cakes_n_crunches


Was looking to build muscle which I successfully built using the help of Pankaj sir. He trained me greatly for the fitness competition which helped me gain some recognition.

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